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Northeast Industrial Association
Who We Are

Founded in the 1940s, our association is a corporate/resident member organization with the primary purpose of developing and promoting the welfare of the Northeast Industrial District of Kansas City Missouri, including its industries, residents, real estate and merchants.

Over 250 firms and citizens are benefiting from:

  • Association sponsored monthly luncheon meetings with a wide range of resource speakers
  • A quarterly newsletter keeping members informed about Association affairs and business developments as well as "happenings" in the Northeast area
  • Endless networking opportunities with other members, public officials and agencies
  • A variety of community and philanthropic events

Our Past and Future

The northeast industrial area is a vibrant community of rapidly expanding commercial activity that must continue to unite and work together with other industrial associations, our citizens of the area, our city council members and other city officials who represent us at City Hall.

In the past the NEIA was instrumental in:

  • Developing the new four-lane Chouteau Bridge
  • Securing additional traffic lights on Front Street
  • Working with other associations to establish the Kansas City Industrial Council, which lobbies for improvements for all of the Kansas City industrial districts
  • Expanding the Enterprise Zone to cover most of the Northeast Industrial Area, providing tax saving benefits for expanding firms and new companies seeking to build in the area
  • Rebuilding the old Chestnut Street viaduct and ramp to Guinotte Street
  • Providing regular business and security awareness with direct contact with the Kansas City Police Department and city officials

In the future the NEIA will focus on:

  • Infrastructure improvements including streets, storm control and sanitary sewer
  • Business to business networking
  • Involvement in governmental affairs
  • Local area philanthropic events




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